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Forwarding and temporary storage of your cargo. Almost everywhere, to Europe, the Atlantic and many other countries

Connect Europe, Atlantic and more

Logistics company Top Prime C-Logistics is a team of professionals in the field of logistics and freight forwarding.

We are a business bridge between Europe, America and Asia. An exotic and distant destination? A wide network of subcontractors and partners can satisfy any of your requests.

Transit. Shop. Control. Insurance. Your goods are safe when you apply for Top Prime С-Logistics services.

Top Prime C-Logistics is not just a company. We are engaged in logistics and not only.
We make it BETTER.
Deliver goods from and to any destination in the EU and North America. Quickly.
Storage location
Do you need to store and store your cargo for some time in an unknown country and region? A wide network of partners, subcontractors and warehouses meets your every request.
Wide Network
EU, Asia, North America, Africa, CIS? Where do you need us most? Help to comply with local and international regulations and formalities.
Top Logistic

Top Prime С-Logistics is a unique supplier of logistics services and storage facilities.

We offer:

  • Direct logistics and freight forwarding;
  • Storages and warehouses;
  • Shipping and cargo containers and refrigerators;
  • Customs formalities (EU and CIS only);
  • Customs settlements;
  • Customs lawyers;
  • Privileged cargo and goods insurance;
  • Lawyers and accountants at your disposal;
  • Online help 24/7.
The goal of our company is simple. We strive to ensure that our customers think of us well, and we have everything they need to find the best deals for them and deliver their orders with impeccable time and efficiency. Each client is treated as SUPERIOR and MAIN.

Our employees are experts in the field of logistics services and customs escort.

What we can do:
Product search
Our company has access to private catalogs of exclusive factories and factory price lists
We purchase goods at your request
Deal with customs
Handle most customs formalities
Ship or store
Send your cargo door-to-door. Store as long as needed.
Leave a request or call us better